You could be doing something better with your time…

The interwebz is filled with all sorts of diversions for us modern people. Some are amusing (LOLcats), some are useful ( and some are just downright addictive (FadedYouth). But there are so many different ways you can do something worthwhile and make the world a better place via the internet that it’s a shame if you miss out. If you’re bored and feeling blue and are just a tad sorry for yourself, GO VOLUNTEER SOMEWHERE AND HELP SOMEONE OR SOMETHING.

Start here:

VolunteerMatch: What a great site! What I wouldn’t have given for something like this when I was a young adult (this was before the interwebz, mind you) to help me find opportunities to volunteer! It don’t get any easier than VolunteerMatch. You can search for specific fields of interest AND limit your search area to a specific place, say, within 10 miles of your home zip code. Not only can you find great causes to which you can lend your hand, but you can also specify the type of volunteer work you’re interested in doing. And you can even find “Virtual Opportunities,” tasks that can be completed via the internet–so you don’t even have to get off your bum and thus YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE for not participating!

Habitat For Humanity: Another fabulous program that I wish I’d had the gumption to participate in. Haven’t done it yet, mainly because I was tethered to a dog with severe separation anxiety for a long time, but that should be stopping me now…after I finish redesigning our home’s interior, and learning to knit…

The Animal Rescue Site, et al: Here’s something that everyone can do with a minimum of effort: Click on some buttons to provide food, healthcare, books, and habitat protection for those in need. Go CLICK, and while you’re there, vote for Cocker Companions Rescue in the Shelter Challenge!

And of course, you know that I love animals, so you must go to PetFinder to see some of the faces of those in need of rescue.

It’s good to keep yourself informed, so be sure to visit many different news sites on a daily basis. Here’s my list, in no particular order:, BBC, CNN, NPR, Michigan Radio, Time Magazine, and The Week Magazine. You might could also add in your local newspapers and TV news stations to this list, as well. And as much as I wish celebrity gossip sites like Faded Youth Blog could be classified as news, they are NOT and must wait until after I’ve gotten all my important daily news updates out of the way.

In my struggle to be frugal and self-sufficient in keeping house, I’ve also discovered some helpful and useful sites: Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living, Trent Hamm’s The Simple Dollar,, Unclutterer, and