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It’s Friday. Again.

Friday, March 25th, 2011 by kara

Heather just commented a little while ago that the days seem to fly by so fast for her, that before she realizes it’s time for her to go to bed so she can get up in the morning and do it all over again.

That’s the same feeling I’m getting about my weekdays–it feels like the weekdays are just zooming by, and every time I turn around it’s Friday again.  ‘But Kara, isn’t that a good thing?’ you ask. You may point out that I’m not feeling particularly fulfilled by my 9-5-er and it would seem fortunate that the time I spend there passes so quickly.

That could be a good thing, IF I felt as though I were accomplishing something while I’m there, rather than just marking time to collect a paycheck. I think about how much I should be working on writing for a living and practising that craft, and if I were doing that a little bit more every day, think how much closer I’d be to my dream of writing for a living!

Instead, Time’s fleeting nature is looming threateningly. I’m feeling pretty mortal here, folks, and getting a glimpse of that downhill slope. And the swift approach of each weekend is a mocking reminder of how little I’ve accomplished in my life to this point.

So, hooray.  It’s teh weekendz again, yay for teh weekendz.