Who is she, and why does she keep writing like that?

Kara is a Michigan native recently relocated to Knoxville, TN.  She is currently working on straightening her home, overcoming procrastination, and trying to bake a decent loaf of bread from scratch.  She enjoys reading trashy crime novels, playing World of Warcraft, spending time with her husband, Rick (aka The Wonderful Pumpkin) and their four dogs, as well as advocating tirelessly for rescued dogs, spaniels in particular.  She just hit forty and doesn’t feel like she’s that old at all–although she is often shocked and dismayed to realize how little she’s accomplished in her life.  She writes to clarify her feelings, and to process her experiences so she can better understand them.  She hopes to work toward being a better person through her writing, as well as to share acquired wisdom and maybe make a few people smile along the way.