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Not sellin’ anything but consciousness here

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 by admin

So I have all reader comments to my blog posts moderated, because I DO NOT WANT TO SELL SOMEONE ELSE’S VIAGRA. For Pete’s sake.

Today I noticed six new comments on older posts which required moderation. While reading all these posts peppered with links for Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Louboutin shoes nestled amid nonsense text, I guess I would be helping ‘online retailers’ immensely if I quit moderating comments.

And for Pete’s sake, people, do you really expect your comments to be APPROVED after I’ve read them? Do us both a favor, save us each a tremendous amount of aggravation, and don’t even try to spam my blog.

But even though they’re blatant attempts at marketing questionable drugs and faux designer accessories, there’s a corner of my mind that whispers “Hey, people are still reading you even though you haven’t written anything for ages!” In order to spam me, they’ve got to FIND me, after all. Is it pitiful of me to hope that these spammers are at least glancing through the posts they’ve ‘commented’ on? It is, isn’t it?