Writing to feel good, feeling good to write?

I’d like to be able to write stories that entertain people, that take them away from their own world and into another place that allows them to relax and feed their souls with situations and feelings that are new to them.

Isn’t it the best feeling to have a great book in your hands, one that catches your attention and grasps it like a toddler with a melting ice cream cone? You can’t stop reading because the story is just that good, but you dread reaching the end of the book, because…well…then there won’t be any more wonderful story left, and then what will you DO?

I feel this way about stories written by Diana Gabaldon, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Jefferson Bass, Nelson DeMille, Lee Childs, Jim Butcher and several other writers. I love getting hold of a new book by one of my favorite authors, and getting lost in the storyline. I’d like to be able to provide that kind of escape, that level of entertainment, for people with my fiction writing.

But in order to do that, I would have to actually finish one of the many stories I’ve begun writing.

Yes, yes, this is all related to my OCD and procrastination problem. I hate doing something if it’s less than perfect, and if I can’t make it perfect, I shouldn’t start it at all…and I have to do laundry right now, and very likely there’s something that needs cleaning, and I can’t sit down and start writing a story if there’s housework to be done.

And there, in one paragraph, is the summation of my 30 years of fiction writing.

I’ve been told I have a lot of potential. I squander it all, I’m an equal-opportunity-squanderer. But I really would love to write and be paid for it.

The ironic bit is that I feel better when I’m writing something, even if it’s just a meaningless little scribble like my blog–but in order to even scribble, I have to be in a relatively good frame of mind. (Can we call typing in a word processing program ‘scribbling’? Or does one need actual pen + paper to scribble?)

I’ve been hoping that writing on a regular basis, ANY kind of writing, would jump-start my prolific fiction writing career. Eh. Pretty much every single action word in that last sentence is just bunk. But I’ll at least keep boring YOU, Gentle Reader, with this ‘scribbling.’

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