Still not over it

I’m a slob.  Happily, I live in t-shirts (the bigger, the better to cover my muffin-top) and shorts during the summer, blue jeans in the winter.

So when I took a dozen t-shirts and one cotton button-down shirt out of my wardrobe last week, perfectly good, colourful shirts, you know there had to be a darned good reason.

Their commonality?  They all had “Jewelry Television” embroidered across the left breast.

Jewelry Television is the reason my Wonderful Pumpkin and I had sold our beautiful little house in Saline, MI and moved here to Knoxville, TN in 2007.  Seemed like a great, family-run company which cared about their employees, and Rick hooked up with a fabulous group of co-workers who meshed amazingly well, and had a blast while working very hard together.  Rick bought a bunch of t-shirts in every conceivable colour, with “Jewelry Television” embroidered on them, because employees couldn’t wear any shirts with other logos on them.  We’re talking purple and orange, and tie-dyed t-shirts, even rainbow tie dye!  He bought me a few, too.  🙂

Everything was going well until JTV laid my Pumpkin off in January 2009.  No pay for the three weeks of vacation he’d been promised when he got hired in, no severance agreement giving him some time to look for another job, no health insurance for even a little while afterward, just ‘boom’ and out the door.

I am a proud, judgmental woman with very definitive ideas about how the world should work.  I don’t like to make a fuss about anything in particular, but I will if my hand is forced.  Rick and I mourned the loss of his job, and we picked up the pieces and moved on.

And some while afterward, I realized that I didn’t want Rick to wear the JTV t-shirts anymore.  I didn’t want him to have that company’s name on his body because I had too much pride for and/or in him, so I asked him to stop wearing them.  Instead, I put them in my closet–it didn’t matter to me. After all, they’re perfectly good shirts, and it’s just a logo, doesn’t mean I endorse JTV by wearing it.  Lots of people even wear Detroit Lions jerseys without expecting them to win.

Or, at least, I thought it didn’t matter to me.

After all, I wasn’t wearing them anywhere of any consequence.  Until I started my new job.  We wear business casual during the week, and on casual Fridays we can wear jeans and t-shirts.  :::swoon:::

Without thinking, I put on my favorite jeans and a colourful, tie-dyed JTV t-shirt and went to work.  And one of my co-workers said “Oh, did you used to work at JTV?”

Grrrr.  I had to explain that no, I hadn’t worked for them, but my husband had, and they’d laid him off and left us high and dry for nine months.

The depth of my anger was surprising.  It wasn’t quite as bad as when we first lived through the layoff, but there was still a lot of animosity in me.  And then I shook it off and went on with my day.

Until I wore another JTV shirt to work, and had to explain to someone else how I had come to be wearing it.  And I was just as annoyed at the retelling of the story that day as well.

So I came home and pulled all the JTV shirts out of my closet.  I won’t wear them in public again, so that I can avoid this resentment.  I’ll still wear them to bed, and for working around the house (maybe).

But it’s plain to me and to anyone who asks me about it, that I’m still not over it.

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