Score on bottle brush for SIGG-type bottles!

Last summer I bought a SIGG water bottle for the Pumpkin. It was kind of expensive, painted a really cool acid florescent green color and I thought he’d like it, plus his plastic water bottle had cracked and/or was growing something exotic inside. I don’t know if he’s used his new metal bottle yet.

This past winter, I bought myself a SIGG-type bottle (actually made by Gaiam) at Target, to replace our numerous plastic water bottles that tended to break or just generally develop leaks for unspecified reasons. I figured that having only two bottles would lead to more accountability in keeping them clean. If you have a bunch of plastic bottles you can just grab one of the clean ones out of the cupboard, and you’re not as concerned about getting those dirty ones from the car into the sink to be washed–and NOTHING smells worse than soured soymilk left sitting for a few days. Trust me on this.

So we have these lovely metal water bottles that are more durable than plastic and hopefully aren’t leaching harmful chemicals into our drinking water. But I was worried about using my plain ol’ dollar store bottle brush on them. I don’t want to scratch the lining of the bottles, which creates refuges for bacteria and other naughty things to grow inside the bottles.

Right alongside all these metal bottles at Target was a SIGG brand cleaning brush that was obviously intended specifically for scrubbing out narrow-necked bottles. Unlike most bottle brushes, which are made of twisted wire that can scratch the inside of the bottle before the bristles brush it clean, this whole brush was molded plastic with lots of bristles on the very end, and the handle was narrow enough to fit through the narrow bottle neck. Lovely!

And it was $11.99. Whoa, buddy. I appreciate the quality of this brush. I understand the importance of scrubbing out the bottles without scratching the interior, to maintain their integrity. But I just could NOT justify spending $12 on a brush to be used for ONE purpose.

So I decided to tough it out, carrying only water in our bottles, and scrubbing them out carefully with my existing bottle brush, (plastic-coated wire) and periodically soaking them with a solution of OxyClean and water, which should kill any lurking pathogens without eating holes in the bottles’ liner.

But at the beginning of January, I was at Cost Plus World Market searching for a 2010 calendar on clearance when I found a wonderful OXO bottle brush in specs very similar to the SIGG brush–but for only $4.99! Oh joy! Oh marvelous chance! I won’t spend $12 for a bottle brush, but I WILL spend $5!

Now I just have to figure out where Rick’s bottle is so I can clean it.

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