Turkey bacon is NOT real bacon

For Sunday breakfast, we had home made French toast and turkey bacon.  The turkey bacon is kind of an unusual food in our house, because we both have a deep and abiding love for real bacon.  And aside from being somewhat healthier than regular bacon, there aren’t too many benefits to eating a form of pig meat made of fowl.

But I had a coupon for it and thought we’d give it a try.

It was OKAY.  It looked a little odd, because instead of white fat and red meat, it had strips of tan-ish and brown-ish meat, with one of the edges formed into a regular scallop shape–same shape, same colours for each strip.  It was smoky tasting, like regular bacon, but the texture was different, probably due to a significantly lower fat content.

Rick and I like our bacon crispy to the point of almost being burnt so that’s the way I fixed the turkey bacon.  It produced an astonishing amount of blue smoke and never really got truly crispy.  As far as using turkey bacon in place of regular bacon in a recipe, it should work because the main characteristic of bacon in a recipe is the smoky flavor.  I suppose if we were on medically-necessary low-fat diets, I would consider buying this on a regular basis, but we’re not yet, so I won’t.

Oddly enough it tastes a lot better when it’s eaten out of the sandwich bag while standing in front of the refrigerator at midnight.

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