E-mail is getting away from me

I have been a little overwhelmed lately with the “daily-ness of life” and because of that I hadn’t checked some of my e-mail addresses in quite a while.  Along with my five .mac e-mail addresses, I also have e-mail addys at Yahoo, Juno, Gmail, and a few other places which I no longer check regularly because they receive e-mail sent primarily by spammers.

I decided to check some of my satellite e-mail accounts this morning just to see if I’d missed anything.  My Yahoo e-mail address is the one I use for Freecycle.  There were over 400 e-mail messages there, but deleting them wasn’t that much of a chore because I use Freecycle only to give away stuff and don’t bother responding to offered items because I don’t usually get them.  Not that we NEED any more ‘stuff’ anyway…

My Juno account is one I use for my book club membership, online ordering, and the like.  That inbox only held 120-some messages, most of which were handily deleted–except for my “featured selection” e-mail from the book club.  Replied to that just in time.

Gmail is forwarded to my regular e-mail addy, which is checked every day so there’s no reason to actually go to Gmail’s site, unless I need to look through my junk e-mail folder.  Maybe I’ll go see how many opportunities from African royalty I’ve missed in the past few months.

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