Recession drives people back to their basest behavior

So my wonderful friend Dannette and I are of “a particular size” which we don’t want to maintain.  This size also makes it difficult for us to find clothes.  So we usually buy ONE pair of pants in this size which fit and flatter us, and insist that we’re going to lose all the excess weight, and hold ourselves hostage to this ideal by not buying any more clothes until we reach the desired size.

Unfortunately, the recession is hitting everyone hard now, and we’re all afraid to buy anything at all, which of course is perpetuating the damned recession…which would seem to be irrelevant to this topic, BUT IT’S NOT.  Stay with me for a moment.

Dannette lives in a very nice apartment building in Tucson, AZ, which boasts its own coin-operated laundry room.  She and I both are very conscientious about keeping track of our time in the washers and dryers when we use a communal laundry room, and although we will leave our laundry there while the cycles complete, we’re very prompt about returning at the end of the cycle to collect our laundry and free up the machine for the next user.

She did that last week, and was shocked and ticked off to find that two of her loads of laundry had been rifled through and plundered–someone had stolen her new capri pants and a blanket belonging to her dog, Zoe.  She said it had to have been someone intent on larceny because the pants and blanket were in two separate dryers.

“I can’t believe that someone actually stole my pants!”  she exclaimed.  “That’s so awful!  Honestly, if I see someone around the complex wearing, I think I’m going to rip them off of them right where they’re standing!”

The worst part of this is that the capris were in stock in many stores just a few weeks ago–and now all the stores are out of them in Dannette’s size.

“I’ve been to five stores looking for these pants, and how pissed am I that I have to buy another pair, anyway?!  But I can’t even FIND another pair of them anywhere!”

And how creepy is it that someone actually had enough GUTS to stand there in front of the dryers occupied by someone else’s laundry and sort through the contents to find something they wanted?  It’s not like a resale shop–you’re invading someone else’s privacy when you go through their laundry like that.  Just…creepy.  And weird.  I can only imagine that this sort of behavior is due to the recession–instead of going shoplifting in a store, you hang out in the laundryroom and pilfer someone else’s clothes?  Maybe you’re saving gas money by stealing close to home??

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