Apologies and absence

Dearest Readers, I must apologise for being absent from you for so long.  I know it’s not that my words are of such intense value that your lives are lessened for doing without them for so long.  My regret is that I’ve fallen behind on my own personal vow to produce something, ANYTHING, in this space on a daily basis.

I’ve been a tad overwhelmed with current events lately, and I’ll fill you in on the whole, huge soap opera that our lives have become in the future.  Eh.  You probably wouldn’t believe me, anyway.  Suffice it to say that we’ve been scrambling, searching for jobs, buying lottery tickets, and dealing with wayward dogs and health problems in the past two weeks.

No, the sky hasn’t fallen in our world.  Yet.  :::knocking on my wooden desk thru piles of paper detritus:::

I’ll fill you in a bit later on.  Until then, hullo, how are you, sorry to have been away for so long, hang loose.

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