Recesssion is hitting EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING

My Wonderful Pumpkin just sent me this link which crushed my child-like optimism and made me sad. Forgive me, Darling Readers, I’m on my fourth (watergobletsized) glass of pinkish wine and am more than willing to wallow in despair.

But COME ON PEOPLE!!!! If NPR can lay off Ketzel Levine, then what’s the freaking point of going on??!?

My apologies, Kind Readers. I’m just very pessimistic right now. Add the litre-and-a-half of inexpensive wine to the other factors that are currently influencing my mood (sound from my PowerBook combined with sound from my Toshiba Satellite which is currently logged into World of Warcraft, combined with my iPod Shuffle which is playing tunes from Zero 7’s “The Garden” and “Taverns of Azeroth” composed by David Arkenstone) and you’ll understand my melancholy.

Here’s the definition of irony:  Ms. Levine’s project at the time of her downsizing was called “American Moxie” and in it she examined American workers who’ve been laid off, and how they’re coping with their unemployment.

Anyway.  Please add Ms. Levine’s blog to your list of items to review on a daily basis. She’s too good to just let go. 🙁

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