Now THIS is the way to ‘do’ a New Year’s resolution!

Trent Hamm really has some great posts over on his blog The Simple Dollar, but this entry is so exceptional that it’s going to be printed out and posted above my computer. It’s worth looking at and applying to every single day.

The important, key idea in this ‘plan’ is consistent practise, at which I’m extraordinarily bad. I have the attention span of a goldfish and am a right-brained, scattershot thinker, traits which I have derailed many trains of thought for me throughout the years. Oh, add to that the laziness I’ve been cultivating my entire life and you’ve got a great recipe for underachievement.

You’d think that by the age of 40, that I’d have conquered these foibles. But no! I am just now becoming aware of them and how to overcome them. Hopefully this will add to my motivation to achieve SOMETHING during my pitiful life. *sigh* What will YOU learn this year? Good luck with that!

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