MinuteRant: New Year’s Resolutions

I’m pretty opinionated, judgmental, and outspoken. At least, I am in my own mind. Most of the time when I encounter something irritating I just stew about it quietly, in my own mind. I lack the mental agility and verbal capacity to speak up right at the moment of my greatest irritation, but never fail to formulate a witty, biting remark–forty-five minutes later, when it’s no longer relevant.

During an average day I encounter lots of things that bother me, and I just came up with an effective way to address these little peeves: Introducing Kara’s MinuteRant (trademarked and copyrighted)!

In a MinuteRant, I should be able to express my frustration in a very brief format, allowing me to purge myself of pique while not boring you, Gentle Reader.

Hooray! And now, for my first-ever MinuteRant: New Year’s Resolutions. Please. Why let a date on the calendar be your only motivation to improve your life? Most people who make New Year’s resolutions discard them after only a few days. My point is, if you’re going to truly change your life, you’ve got to back that resolution up with more motivation than a holiday.

So if you need to lose weight/quit smoking/volunteer more/be a better person, then go for it! But don’t let the passing of New Year’s Day deplete your resolve. Keep resolving, even though the champagne has been drank and the party crackers have been popped. Oh, and here’s a novel thought: Make a resolution to do better sometime other than New Year’s Day. You don’t need to limit your decision to change your behavior for the better to just that one day.

That being said, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year’s Eve, and that the upcoming year brings only joy and peace to all.

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