Detergent deal and a sad commentary on my life

Yesterday I went to Big Lots on Kingston Pike here in Knoxville, to stock up on household stuff and health and beauty supplies. I’ve found lots of really good deals at Big Lots, but you’ve got to keep an eye on the prices: For example, a 64-ounce bottle of a brand-name liquid hand soap (all right, I know you can probably guess what brand it is, but still) was FIVE BUCKS, and I know that I can get that same size, same brand soap at Target for $4.64.

I also can get the Target brand soap (same size, same scent) for $3.05, I think–which means I don’t buy the brand-name hand soap refill at all anymore–unless it’s on sale and I have a great coupon.

Since we’re now a one-income family, I’ve made it a priority to try to get the most mileage out of each dollar possible. It’s kind of a game to me to see how much money I can shave off the grocery bill by combining coupons with sales or buying store-brands over national brands, and some days I hit a home run, which is gratifying. Other days I lose coupons and forget which store has the sale and that’s a downer, but suffice it to say that I enjoy challenging myself.

One of the cost-cutting measures I’ve made in the past year has been to change my laundry detergent from Method to Purex. I looooooooove Method’s Fresh Air scent–it’s so very clean, and I personally think the detergent does a great job, especially on whites. And it’s very concentrated, which means that even the 64-load bottle is teeny–but that shizznat’s EXPENSIVE compared to Purex: At Target, the 64-load bottle is $14.99. Before the summer gas-price debacle, I used to could get a 32-load bottle of Purex for $2.34 on sale, with even more savings if I had a coupon for it.

I don’t see coupons for Method brand products very often. 🙁

So, as much as I love the Method detergent, I couldn’t accept the price difference per load: Twenty-three cents per load for Method, compared to SEVEN cents per load for the Purex. Scent and other aesthetics are ludicrously important to me, but so’s money. I bit the bullet and continued to buy the Purex.

Fast-forward to last night, and my quest for household staples. I didn’t really expect to find laundry detergent at Big Lots but I thought I’d look anyway. Since I’ve misplaced my coupon wallet (AGAIN, dammit) I didn’t have any coupons for detergent (which brings up another question regarding why there are no COUPONS in the paper around Christmastime, but I digress), so I wasn’t bound to purchase any particular brand.

I saw an endcap for a big bottle of a national-brand detergent with a smaller sample bottle of liquid fabric softener cello’d to it but I passed that up because I don’t use liquid softener. And then! Lo! Behold! I turned the corner and was greeted by rows of the sweet, petite, curvy Method detergent bottle! Thrity-two ounces of household bliss for only $4! O, joy! O happy day!

Well, it wasn’t Fresh Air scent, it was Sweet Water, Method’s signature scent,but still! I like Sweet Water, too! I put four bottles in the cart and felt that I should have taken more whilst I could lay hands on it, but that might have felt like I was obsessed.

I was mentally rubbing my hands together and chuckling all the way home (I’m telling you, scent is VERY important to me, and I love doing laundry with a lovely detergent!). When I got in the door, I couldn’t WAIT to tell the Pumpkin about my find! I must have looked like a junkie coming home with a badly-needed fix. I explained about the price difference and how that prevented me from using this wonderful detergent and my eyes glittered as I toted the liquid gold to the laundry room.

And the Wonderful Pumpkin suggested that I check the other Big Lots in the area to see if they maybe had this same detergent, but in the Fresh Air scent. I love him so. He completely understands me.

But in the midst of my rush of joy, I realized that I was all ecstatic about laundry detergent. LAUNDRY DETERGENT. How shallow is my life that something as mundane as a sale on laundry detergent can elevate me to ecstasy? :::groan::: I have REALLY got to find a job or do something to broaden my world a little more.

I’ve decided I will go back and buy more today. It really is an excellent bargain for an outstanding laundry detergent. I’m just a little abashed that I was going to approach this with the same verve which I might have used in my youth to pursue INXS concert tickets. Sad, sad, sad.

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