Is it Christmas yet?

This year I’m just waiting for Christmas to be done with. I haven’t been in the holiday spirit for quite a while, and just now, tonight, CHRISTMAS EVE, I put a bunch of Christmas cards in the mailbox.

Because that happened after 5:30 p.m., I’m guessing that nobody will get their cards until after Christmas. But it’s the thought that counts, right? And I haven’t stopped THINKING about anybody–I just couldn’t muster enough energy/Christmas spirit/whatever to get the cards out and address them.

That’s sad, because one of my favorite (and only) holiday rituals is sending out Christmas cards to everyone in my address book. Even if I’m too lazy to take time during the rest of the year to catch up with their lives, Christmas gives me the opportunity to think of each and every friend and family member, and wish them well while writing out their Christmas card.

My sister Andrea has always included a family photo in their Christmas cards which I find to be a wonderful touch, especially as her children have all grown up now. From what I’ve heard corralling adult children for a group photo or other activity is about as easy as herding cats, so she is to be applauded for consistently getting that photo every year. Plus, it helps us stay in touch with her family since they live on the other side of the continent. Literally.

Rick and I did a family photo for last year’s Christmas cards, our first one. At that point, we only had Belle (black lab & beagle mix) and Riley (English springer spaniel fieldy), so a group photo was do-able using the timer on our digital camera. Of course, Belle and Riley were looking up at RICK AND I and NOT at the camera, but hey, what did I expect?

This year, we have added Skipper and Gigi, our two cocker spaniel foster failures, to the mix, which would have made using the camera’s timer a fruitless and pointless endeavor. Karen agreed to come over and squeak a toy and then take the picture for us while Rick and I each got a couple of dogs in a headlock, but things just got so busy with wrapping at Borders and stuff that we never got together to get the photo. Next year, then. I think I’ll even start addressing the envelopes now, just to get into the mood.

I do hope that you and your loved ones can find some peace and joy this holiday season, whatever it is you’re celebrating. And I hope that you’re lucky enough to be near the ones you love, and that you can tell them how much you love them.

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