More yeast-bread whining

My Wonderful Pumpkin is champing at the bit for me to cut this loaf of freshly-baked banana bread:

Freshly-made banana bread

Mmm. Look at that thing. That is a loaf of steamy, hot, banana-y goodness right there. Still too hot to slice, because I just took it out of the oven. The Pumpkin’s gonna have to wait a few minutes.

That’s how we sold our house in Michigan, by the way. Every single time we had a showing scheduled, I’d run through a do a quick cleaning, and then I’d bake something. Sometimes the baking was nothing more than a casserole dish of apples, Splenda, cinnamon and butter, thrown into the microwave for 10 minutes and allowed to stew. Then after the showing, I’d come home and dish them up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and enjoy dessert.

But the banana bread…oh, the banana bread. Heavenly. Does anyone out there NOT like banana bread?? Anyway. The woman who was looking at our house was pregnant, and when she encountered the heavenly scent of freshly-baked fruit loaf, she was hooked. Was that wrong of me? >:)

She even mentioned it at closing: “You know, that banana bread…that was pretty cruel to do to a pregnant woman.” Hmm. That WAS cruel of me. I should have sliced some for them and left it on the breakfast bar with some honey butter.

But if I can make such a celestial loaf of banana bread, WHY can I not make a simple loaf of yeast-risen bread?? Arrgh. I’m going to go make a tuna sandwich and see how well tuna and banana get along.

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